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Short Kits from plans

C-130 90" ws Junkers JU-52 (RCM) Hawker Hurricane
Miller A-10 ME-410 Hornet P-38 Lightning
P-51 -B or -D Mustang 84" ws Junkers J-9  
From Scratch-a-Plane plans
SAP DR-1 1/4 scale Triplane 71"ws

SAP DR-1 Triplane  53"ws

SAP Nieuport 17 1/4 scale 81"ws

SAP Nieuport 17  61"ws

SAP D-VIII 1/4 scale 83"ws

SAP D-VIII 62"ws

From Nick Ziroli Plans (plans available from www.ziroliplans.com)
Ziroli Taube   Ziroli DR-1 Triplane Ziroli P-38  
Ziroli C-45 / D-18, 114"ws Ziroli P-47
92" & 98" WS 

Ziroli Stuka, 100" ws





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