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Precision CNC Cut Foam Wing Cores

Click here if you need a set of replacement wing cores for you foam or wood wing plane

Click here for the Generic Foam Wing List

Here is a PDF file with the information needed to produce a custom foam wing, or modify an existing wing. Click here to download

Here is an EXCELLENT tutorial on working with foam wing cores.


It shows wing servo installation, servo wire tube install, retract install, sheeting, and finishing foam wings, along with a lot of general building tips.  Lots of pictures, and lots of info...

Instructions for working with Foam Wing Cores
Wing Sheeting
Installing Spars
Installing Tips

Why Foam Wings?

Did you know that most aircraft flown in competition (especially those winning) are flying with foam wings? The reasons are illustrated in the diagrams below. Foam is stronger, costs less, takes less time to build and repair, and is more precise, too.

EPS Styrofoam, by its nature, is made up of a strong honeycomb like structure. It has a compression strength of 1,000 pounds per square foot. You can stand on a foam wing.

Foam is a lighter material than balsa. EPS Foam weighs 1 pound per cubic foot while balsa weighs from 4 to 12 pounds per cubic foot. That is why balsa is used in a build-up skeleton fashion. But, while a build-up balsa wing may weigh just about the same as a foam wing, there is a substantial loss in strength. Finishing the wing is the same for both foam and balsa, so the importance of a light weight finish remains.

The accuracy (precision) of a build-up structure is tentative, at best, because of the many parts involved. Our foam wings are inherently accurate. We cut them on precision computer controlled equipment using CNC control for each wing profile. Precision is built in.  Washout can even be built into the wing if required.

Repairing a build-up wing can be aggravating, time consuming, and sometimes impossible. Foam is quick and easy to cut and patch. It is so easy, some repairs can even be done "at the field" with minimal loss of flying time.

If your build-up wing is a total loss, or has seen better days, maybe it's time to look into Eureka Aircraft's large inventory of kit wings; or if you're building new, we have wings to match most models from leading manufacturers, a large list of generic wings, or you can talk to us about our custom wing cutting service.

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Foam wings are stronger, lighter, more precise, and take less time to build and repair.

Whether you are building or replacing,
switch to foam wings and fly like the pros.


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