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Piper PA-28 Cherokee 140

1/3 Scale

originally by RC MFG CO 1986

10' (120") wingspan

62cc + engine

fuse length = 80"

stab length = 48"

Fuse width at cabin = 12-7/8"

62"  .40 size version available.


The 1/3 scale Cherokee 140 is ready for production and sale!

Its been a long time coming, but it is ready!

As you can see from the above JPG of the plans, it is a very scale Cherokee.  The only non-scale item is the stab is conventional stab and elevator, instead of full moving stab. This could be easily modified by the creative modeler. It is a 140, so it is fixed landing gear. Retracts would be easy to install to model a 160 or newer version.

You can download a PDF file of the copies of the old instructions included in the original kit.  This will give you an idea of the construction of the Cherokee.  Click to download these PDF's:

Scans of old instructions

In Page 1, The piece soldered to the Landing Gear is a 3/16" piece of music wire 7" long. It is added for more strength. Here is a picture of it ready to be wrapped with wire and soldered.

New features in the updated kit include:

  1. CNC wood and foam cutting
  2. New wing dihedral bracing
  3. Modified cabin construction
  4. The wings are cut for the Leading Edge Extensions (LEX), instead of being built up add ons. That will simplify things a lot.
  5. Precut dihedral angle in wing root.
  6. Fuse has slots for tabs in formers, simplifying construction, and adding strength.
  7. Ailerons / Flaps, Elevator, and Rudder are included in foam pars so the can be sheeted as a complete unit, and separated after sheeting.
  8. Pre-cut fuse sides, along with many other parts.
  9. The original wing joining is included on the plans. Feel free to change it over to wing tube construction if desired. 

Plans and foam parts will be available separately for scratch builders,

A 1/4 scale version will also be available.

Click here for PDF file showing CNC cut wood parts included in short kit.

Short kit also includes:

8 - 3/4"x3/4"x12" maple pieces for 3 piece wing

2 - 12" landing gear blocks

2 - 3/16" Main Wire Landing Gear

1 - 3/16" Node Gear and Mount

Prices will be updated shortly.

1/3 Scale Piper Cherokee Short Kit, foam parts, with plans (no windshield, or cowl)    
1/3 scale Piper Cherokee Short kit only with plans (no foam parts, windshield, or cowl) $225.00
1/3 scale Piper Cherokee Foam parts set (wing, stab, and fin) $140.00
1/3 scale Piper Cherokee Foam Wing (5 pieces) $98.00
1/3 scale Piper Cherokee Foam Stab $25.00
1/3 scale Piper Cherokee Foam Fin $25.00
1/3 Scale Piper Cherokee clear windshield TBA  
1/3 Scale Piper Cherokee fiberglass Cowl TBA  
1/3 scale piper Cherokee rolled plans (3 sheets) Domestic US shipping is calculated at checkout. $50.00
1/3 scale piper Cherokee plans (3 sheets), Shipped Internationally to all counties via USPS Priority International Flat Rate envelope. Plans will be folded. Shipping is included in price. $70.00

Part templates and wing profiles are included on plans for scratch building.

click for larger picture.

In Page 1, The piece soldered to the Landing Gear is a 3/16" piece of music wire 7" long. It is added for more strength. Here is a picture of it ready to be wrapped with wire and soldered.


Here are a few of the construction photos taken during the original prototype build. The pictures are being taken on a Cherokee that had been partially started and had been damaged during the move south, so you will notice that there are a few holes that need to be patched.  More pictured to follow.







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